Energy Conservation Starts with Measurement

Electric meter dials Measurement validates energy conservation. As Lord Kelvin so eloquently put it many years ago, "You cannot improve what you do not measure!" This statement rings true today, especially for electrical energy.  We cannot see it so we must use tools to measure, manage and conserve it.

As energy costs continue to rise in the industrial sector, dollars spent are becoming a much greater factor in the cost of producing a product - second only to labor and materials.  UtilEcon Services offers a turnkey solution for reducing these energy costs by deploying a two phase strategy.

The first phase analyzes utility bills for errors and verifies you are on the best rate for your operation. If errors are uncovered we follow up with the utility company to ensure your account is properly credited.  Return on investment for an energy monitoring system is evaluated as part of this phase.

Phase two encompasses the turnkey design, installation and commissioning of an energy monitoring system for your facility.  Assuming the energy economics make good sense, we proceed with a site visit to survey switchgear and gather data needed for a complete energy monitoring proposal.

This proposal includes the fabrication, installation and programming of an energy metering system that features Rockwell Automation Power Monitor (TM) revenue grade meters and RSenergy Metrix (TM) software.  After installation we provide training and system maintenance on site, through webinars or via VPN access. Accurate energy cost reporting is ensured with our rate schedule maintenance service.

For smaller commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotels and grocery stores we now offer a circuit level energy monitoring system called the eMonitor c-Series. Energy costs of air conditioning can be compared to refrigeration or to lighting or any other load within a store and between facilities.  With the added features of texted alarm messages and remote controlled thermostats these systems typically pay for themselves in one to two years or less.

Our objective is to deliver the energy measurement tools to industrial and commercial clients that will expose waste, promote energy conservation and validate the cost effectiveness of all future energy saving projects.   If your company is looking for ways to get a handle on your energy costs, please give us a call or send a quick email and we'll be happy to sit down and discuss your needs.

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UtilEcon Services is now an authorized dealer for the eMonitor c-Series in the Middle Tennessee area. emonitor c-Series Gateway Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this remarkable
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