eMonitor C-series Analytics Engine

eMonitor-c Dashboard can be viewed
via the Web, Tablet or Smart Phone

The analytics engine is a comprehensive energy data analysis system that collects data from eMonitor and eMonitor c-Series circuit level energy monitors.   It resides on servers at Powerhouse Dynamics, the system's manufacturer.

As soon as energy data is received, it is logged, processed and becomes available for immediate viewing over any Internet connection including tablets and smart phones.  This data can be viewed by in a variety of ways that are designed to suit the needs of specific individuals in the organization.

Store owners and CFO's can benchmark best energy performance with this information and use it as an example for other facilities to follow.  The data can be displayed by facility, by specific electrical load (eg. refrigeration, lighting or air conditioning), by square footage or operational hour.

Managers can look at their own store's data to gain a better understanding of how the energy dollars are being spent.  Usage peaks may provide an opportunity to reschedule certain activities to reduce demand charges.  Scrutinizing power draw by circuit during non-business hours may provide clues as to how the store's fixed energy costs can be reduced.  This can have a 24/7 impact.

Here's what it looks like:

eMonitor CFO and Manager Views
eMonitor Analytics Engine Displays Data at the CFO and Manager Level

The upper panel shows a Google map identifying the specific location or each store.  Below the map are the key energy indicators for each facility.

The lower panel provides up to the minute information of the total power being drawn into the building.  It is displayed with a speedometer type gauge with a table of all the contributing circuits to the right of it.   Below that is a pie chart which reveals the most power hungry circuits and to the right the most expensive energy loads have cost data displayed in a stacked gold coin chart.  

Additional logging profiles follow which show at usage from the whole building down to individual circuits depending upon how one chooses to view it.  The time line can also be adjusted from a few minutes out to years depending upon how much data has accumulated.

Here's how the top 20 circuits are broken down:

eMonitor Top 20 Circuits
Power Usage of Top 20 Active Circuits   - Courtesy Energy Circle

The analytics engine tracks the top 20 power consuming circuits with this graphic.  As appliances are switched on and off the circuit list to the left changes along with the graph. Hovering the mouse over a specific time will show what load was recorded for each circuit.  Drag-zoom and circuit show-hide toggle features assist with further analysis.

The analytics engine software is licensed in 45-circuit packages through either a two or five year subscription at the time of system installation.  The eMonitor c-Series system warranty is congruent with the initial subscription period.  Software updates are automatic and the system remains up 24/7 on Powerhouse Dynamics' servers.

This is just a glimpse of what the eMonitor c-Series analytics engine can do for small businesses.   For additional information please check out the eMonitor c-Series brochure or view a short Power Point presentation about how this system help control your energy costs... cost effectively.

Latest Updates...

UtilEcon Services is now an authorized dealer for the eMonitor c-Series in the Middle Tennessee area. emonitor c-Series Gateway Please contact us if you would like to learn more about this remarkable
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