Utility Billing Services

Analyzing Utility Billing Services Analyzing utility billing services is part of our turnkey approach to metering a commercial or industrial facility.  Regardless of whether you are billed by an aggregator, directly by the utility or your bill is split between generation and delivery services we can unpack all of the details.

There are three key reasons for analyzing utility bills as part of any metering project:

1. Project Feasibility- Knowing the energy consumption, demand level and annual expense from electric, gas, and water bills allows us to determine what utilities will be most cost effective to monitor.   It allows us to provide you with an accurate return on investment in our proposal.

2. Potential Revenue Stream - In the event we discover a billing error, which is not at all unusual, credit can be applied toward the metering project to increase ROI and decrease the payback period.

3. Tariff Programming - We program your tariff or rate schedule directly into the Rockwell Automation RSEnergy Metrix TM software using Visual Basic script. Understanding the mathematics of the billing calculations is paramount to building accurate cost reports. Once set, the reporting system provides an ongoing check-and-balance system to verify utility billing remains correct.

Our comprehensive process evaluates the past 24 months of utility billing services. Each bill is recalculated according to the rates and rules in the tariff.  If an anomaly occurs, we can spot it quickly by comparing calculations to actual payments made.

In the event that an error is discovered, we work directly with the utility on your behalf to ensure proper credits are applied to your account.  After credits are verified we are compensated according to our shared savings agreement.  If no credits are recovered, there is no charge for this service.

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