Circuit Level Monitoring

Monitoring Commercial Buildings With the advent of circuit level monitoring we now offer small commercial businesses such as restaurants, hotels and grocery stores the ability to track specific energy costs.  Compare refrigeration to air conditioning, heating to lighting or any other electrical load.  Energy data at this resolution provides the accuracy needed to make good energy management decisions which will usually pay for the system in one to two years or less.

The system, called the eMonitor c-Series, not only analyzes data within a building or store but compares specific energy costs and usage levels between facilities.  This opens the door to benchmarking where good performance in one facility can be set as an example to improve efficiency and reduce costs in other locations.  Energy data can be analyzed over any increment of time, by facility, by square foot or by operational hour.

Energy usage patterns are tracked with an alarm system that will send out a text or email when problems occur.   For example, knowing precisely when a refrigeration compressor fails may make the difference between saving or throwing out an entire freezer full of food.  More suttle variations in usage may indicate the need for maintenance on an air conditioning unit now, rather than wait to take a hit on your electric bill before making repairs.

One of the best ways to reduce energy cost in a small business is to raise employee awareness of energy use.   This can be done by placing a monitor or display in a breakroom or a high traffic area such as a restaurant kitchen or hotel lobby.  The display shows an energy dashboard with a power meter that looks like a speedometer.  As more power is used, the higher the needle reads.   Peak targets can set as benchmarks for different times of the day serving as a reminder to shut off anything that is not needed.

The circuit level monitor is constructed with modules that each contain a fixed number of channels.   These modules can run as a stand alone monitor or be daisy-chained together measure as many circuits as desired.   Modularity gives one the choice of balancing system cost with circuit coverage.  In addition to monitoring, optional IP thermostats add remote control to the biggest energy user for most small businesses via the web or smart phone.

Measuring every circuit in the panel requires a separate current transformer or CT to be installed for each 120 volt circuit, two for split-phase circuits and three for each three phase circuit.   Software tracks energy data for each of these circuits.  Energy saving recommendations are generated according to usage patterns.

We start by taking digital photographs of your electrical panels and discuss the primary challenges you face with regard to reducing your energy costs.  From this we prepare a proposal that will encompass your measurement needs and show you how long it should take to recover your investment.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we order equipment and normally have it installed by your electrical contractor of record.  Once installed, we program it and show you how to access and use the information that is available via the Web or on your smart phone.  Technical assistance is provided until you are comfortable using the all of the features the system has to offer.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a time for us survey your facility and prepare a quote for your consideration.

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