eMonitor c-Series Energy Monitor

The eMonitor c-Series is a circuit level monitor that allows small businesses manage their energy, cost effectively.  Designed for restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other retail outlets it delivers energy data in a timely, easy-to-understand format, via the Web or smart phone.

The system is capable of monitoring single, split-phase or three-phase power across multiple panels. It provides alerts when energy usage patterns change or equipment failures occur.  In addition to monitoring, it has the ability to program and control thermostats remotely.

Here's a diagram of the eMonitor c-Series architecture:

eMonitor c-Series Energy Monitor
eMonitor c-Series Energy Monitor System Architecture from Powerhouse Dynamics

And here's how it works:

Small modules within each circuit breaker panel connect to the individual circuits to collect energy data.   These modules can be daisy-chained together to collect data from as few or as many circuits as desired within the panel.

A wireless connection sends this energy data to a gateway which is connected to the Internet.   Multiple gateways can be deployed to cover electrical panels located outside of the wireless range. The gateway(s) send the energy data over the Internet to the Analytics Engine located on Powerhouse Dynamics' servers.

The Analytics Engine is a powerful energy analysis tool.  It processes the incoming data and provides up to the minute feedback to your computer or smart phone about the energy being used by any or all of the circuits being monitored.  Data is logged and archived for viewing by hour, day, week month or year.  Since the software resides on Powerhouse Dynamics' servers it is always up to date and always running.

In addition to monitoring, the eMonitor c-Series delivers the element of control to the biggest energy user for most small businesses, the HVAC system.  Programmable communicating thermostats, or PCT's, transmit and receive data from the gateway through a wireless connection.  Since the gateway is connected to the Internet, those PCT's and be programmed and adjusted from any computer, tablet or smart phone connection.

Future expansion has also been built in to the eMonitor c.  The gateway has inputs to accept data from external sensors, pulse meters and other devices.  This opens the door to monitor gas and water consumption if it is deemed material to the cost of running the business.

For additional information click here to download a comprehensive 4-page brochure about the capabilities of the eMonitor, view a Power Point or visit our Analytics Engine page for more details on how the data is displayed.

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