Installing the Power Management System

UtilEcon Services installs your power management system turnkey, from start to finish.   This includes all power monitors and related hardware as well as the RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software that brings all the energy information together on your browser.   After the system is commissioned we provide training and technical support for twelve months to ensure you are getting the most out of your power management system investment.

If you ordered a set of meters and software directly from your Rockwell dealer the devices would arrive in a couple of boxes.  The first box would contain the meter, or meters, an Installation Manual and a User Manual on a CD.  The RSEnergy Metrix software would also arrive in a second box on a CD with a basic hard copy installation manual. From this point forward, without our help, you are completely on your own.

What's next?

  • How would I wire the power monitor(s) into my switchgear?

  • Would current transformers (CT's) be needed?  If so, how would I size them?

  • If my switchgear already has a meter, how would I tie into it without disruption?

  • Would I need to shut down the switchgear?

  • How could a meter be installed if production requirements disallow any shutdown?

  • What Arc-Flash requirements would affect the installation?

  • What IT requirements would need to be addressed such as IP addresses, server requirements and networking issues?

  • How would I trouble shoot any communication problems between the meters and the software?

  • How would I program the tariff into the software?

  • How would I be able to verify that cost reports are accurate?

At UtilEcon, we specialize in answering these questions and more.  Having surveyed hundreds of facilities and installed dozens of power management systems, we have developed an effective methods for getting Rockwell Power Monitors (TM) and RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software up quickly.  When we finish you will have comprehensive power management system running for your entire facility.  It will be as close as the Favorites button on your web browser and you will know how to use it.

The Installation Process

A power management system installation begins with site visit which is usually completed within two to four hours depending upon the number of switchgear to be surveyed.  During this time we sit down and discuss your metering objectives and review the electrical one-line drawing to determine where the meters will be placed.  This is followed by a walk through of each physical location where a meter is to be installed.

During the walk through we evaluate existing metering, take digital photographs of wiring configurations and determine how best to perform the installation. Meters may be installed within existing switchgear or be placed in their own enclosures adjacent to the switchgear.  Current transformer (CT) requirements are determined along with wire harness lengths.

Information from our site visit is used to prepare a detailed proposal for your review.  When approved, we order materials and build the meter enclosures off-site.  A project time line is prepared for tracking purposes.   Installation and wiring diagrams are forwarded to you for review with your electrical contractor or maintenance electrician.  When enclosures are completed we ship them directly to your facility for rough-in installation. Meters are shipped separately to avoid damage.

After meters arrive and enclosures have been roughed-in, we schedule a second trip to your facility.  Working directly with your electrician, we verify wiring is correct before energizing the meters.  Once power is applied, the meters have IP addresses assigned, datalogger files are programmed and data collection begins. Internal meter memory will hold nearly two months of data.

Over the next 30 to 45 days, Ethernet drops are connected to the meter enclosures by your electrician.  When the IP address of each meter can be pinged from the server that will run the RSEnergy Metrix software, we return for the software installation. Working with an IT representative, we install the application and supporting software on the server and activate the meter license.

Meter configurations are programmed and data from meter memory is pulled forward into the SQL database.  Using your most recent electric bill we program the tariff into the software using Visual Basic script and verify that cost reports are working properly.  VPN access or subsequent webinar sessions may be required to complete all of the programming details and provide further training.

We spend time training key personnel by showing them how to navigate through the system to gather the information they need.  Reports are set up which will email automatically to those who need the information.  We continue our training and rate schedule support for a period of one year using webinars and/or VPN access.  After one year, continued support is available through our rate schedule maintenance program.

Energy costs continue to rise.  Controlling those costs as the Smart Grid emerges will require a precise understanding of how energy is used in your facility. This level of understanding can only be reached with a comprehensive power management system in place.  If you feel there is a need in your company for this type of system please contact us to discus how we can make it a reality for you.

Meter Enclosure Connected to Switchgear

Power Monitor Installation
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Project Steps

Meter Enclosure with Display
Meter Enclosure Detail
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