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Rockwell Automation revenue grade Power Monitor Series 3000 (TM) meters are recommended for large commercial and industrial applications.  When networked with Rockwell's RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software, electrical power usage can be analyzed for the entire facility or by sub-station.   Additional sub-meters can be deployed to monitor specific energy intensive loads or processes when deemed cost effective.

This fine level of granularity provides multiple opportunities for energy cost reduction when viewed through the eyes of engineering, maintenance, finance and management.

Certified to ANSI C12.16 and IEC 61036 accuracy standards, these devices can capture comprehensive energy usage data at any point in your facility's electrical distribution system at the same level of accuracy as provided by your utility's meter.  Typically, meters are installed in the main switchgear associated with each substation or transformer within a facility.  Separate sub-metering of large electrical loads such as chillers, air compressors or other energy intensive processes is another option to consider.

These energy meters communicate with the Rockwell Automation web based software called RS Energy Metrix (TM) across the facility's network.   Ethernet is the preferred method of communication due to its speed and wide spread deployment.  However, Serial RS-232, Remote I/O, DeviceNet and ControlNet communication protocols can also be used.

A two month buffer of data is typically stored in meter memory.  It is used to restore any data gaps in the RS Energy Metrix data base automatically using data re-population if an interruption in network communications occurs.  This is important as energy usage summaries and cost reports rely on the consistency of this information for accuracy.

Each meter has two status inputs which can be used to capture the output from other pulse type meters measuring gas, water or any other production commodity considered material to your operation.  Simply wire the pulse meter to the power monitor to track consumption of other utilities on the same time line as electric power.

Rockwell Automation Series 3000 Power Monitors (TM) come in four models.  The basic model is the M-4.  The M-5 has the same features as the M-4 but can be flash upgraded to an M-6.   The M-6 is a power quality meter that offers wave form oscillograms and harmonics measurement to the 41'st order.  The M-8 has all of the features of the M-6 plus the ability to capture sub-cycle transients and measures harmonics to the 63'rd order. Pricing of each model is commensurate with its features.

Although we are not limited to only installing Rockwell products, we do recommend them due to their robustness and their proven track record in the field. If you would like to learn more about which model of Power Monitor will best serve your needs, please contact us with your questions and we'll be happy to sit down and discuss the options with you.

Rockwell Automation Power Monitor Series 3000 (TM)

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