Rate Schedule Maintenance Service

The utility rate schedule, or tariff, is programmed into the Rockwell Automation RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software as part of any turnkey energy monitor project we deliver.  It defines exactly how the utility bill is calculated.

Applying these calculations to any time frame allows you to see energy costs as they occur.  If you install a new piece of equipment on your production line, you will see the impact it has on energy cost tomorrow, not next month after your electric bill is delivered.

However, rates do change, fuel cost adjustments are updated frequently and state and local taxes can fluctuate.  All of these cost elements must be kept up to date for the system to produce accurate energy cost reports.

RSEnergy Metrix Electric Bill
RSEnergy Metrix Electric Bill -
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If rates, taxes or fuel cost adjustments fall out of sync with actual billing, the cost reporting within RSEnergy Metrix (TM) is no longer accurate.  When this occurs the real value of the cost reporting module diminishes rapidly placing the integrity of your energy monitoring system investment at risk.

To keep this from happening, we offer a software maintenance service that keeps the ever-changing rates in your RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software up to date.  This service is provided free of charge for a period of one year following the commissioning date of any system we install.  Clients can continue the service beyond twelve months for an annual retainer based upon the number of accounts monitored.

Any company who has already installed the Rockwell Automation RSEnergy Metrix (TM) system may also subscribe to our rate schedule maintenance service to keep their cost reporting accurate.  VPN access to the server on which RSEnergy Metrix (TM) resides is the most efficient method for maintaining updates.  If this is not allowed by your IT security policy, webinar sessions can be used instead.

If you have RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software installed without any tariff programming in place, we would be happy to evaluate your utility bills and provide you with a proposal to update your system.  Most tariffs can be programmed within a day or two.  If you have linked gas or water meters to your Power Monitors or PLC's we can assist with programming meter configurations and/or provide rate schedules for those devices, as well.

To keep the cost reporting up to date, we simply request a .pdf copy of your utility bill be emailed to us each month.  We'll check it for any changes and program any updates into the rate schedule as required.  We realize this process can be done in house provided you have someone familiar with Visual Basic script. However, experience has shown us that this is a low priority item which usually gets lost in the fray of everyone's busy work schedule,  As a result cost reporting accuracy suffers.

Protect the investment you have made in your Rockwell Automation RSEnergy Metrix (TM) software by subscribing to our rate schedule maintenance service. Click here to contact us for a quotation that will best serve your needs.

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