Utility Bill Audit Success Stories

UtilEcon Services' utility bill audits have been delivering credits and refunds to industrial, commercial and local government clients since the early 1990's.  Over that period of time we have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars for billing and power contract errors, misread meters and rate schedule changes. Manufacturers, school systems, commercial buildings, hospitals, newspapers and municipal buildings have all benefitted.

Here are some real world examples of what we have delivered:

  1. Over $300,000 of tax payer money was recovered for a major school system in Middle Tennessee.   Errors in electrical demand charges produced the majority of this savings.

  2. Power distribution studies for several major Florida newspapers delivered sales tax refunds in excess of $100,000 at each of three different locations.

  3. A Middle Tennessee manufacturer was credited over $100,000 for a signed contract that had not been executed after utility ownership changed hands.

  4. A major Tennessee water utility saved $5,000 to $8,000 per month on electric bills due to power contract changes.

  5. A Lebanon, TN manufacturer received a refund in excess of $60,000 for tax over payments on water and electric service.  Monthly savings of over $1,500 will continue indefinitely.  Two years later they asked us back and we recovered another $44,000 in electric power credits.

  6. A prominent Nashville entertainment facility received a refund of nearly $10,000 for erroneous electrical demand readings over a three year period.

  7. A local creamery saved $2,000 to $4,000 per month after a erroneous contract billing charge was removed.

As you can see, our process works.  We recalculate billings and compare them to what you actually paid using our "data sieve" programs.  If there is an error or anomaly, we will find it.

To streamline your involvement, we start by making copies of your utility bills. Using letters of agency we work directly with the utility on your behalf to obtain additional information and resolve any billing discrepancies we may uncover.  We are compensated through shared savings only if we deliver a credit or refund to your account.  If no monies are recovered there is no charge for our utility bill audit.

In the event that funds are recovered, your savings can be applied to a metering project if you wish.  This approach can give you a jump start on the project by increasing the return on investment with a shorter pay back period.

Utility Bill Refunds